Als Mutter streikte

D | 1973/74 | Farbe | 91 Min.

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  • 1 / 15


Eberhard Schröder
Franz Seitz
Wolfgang Treu
Adolf Schlyßleder
Rolf A. Wilhelm
Peter Hall, Gila von Waltershausen, Belinda Mayne, Gaby Dohm, Hartmund Becker, Siegfried Schürenberg, Elisabeth Flickenschild, Johanna Matz
Franz Seitz Filmproduktion
Franz Seitz
ab 6 J.


An eerie silence reigns in the big old house of the Kemper family when seventeen-year-old Viola comes home on her last day of school. Something unbelievable has happened: Mother is gone - "and not just for a day" explains the father dryly, who is apparently hardly surprised at the latest escapade of his wife, who is as lovable as she is unpredictable.

Of course there are hair-raising complications: taking care of the physical well-being of the family is the least of the problems for Viola, who of course dreams more of her great love than of the kitchen, especially her father, who otherwise has some reservations about practical things , doing its part. He hires the delightful Gloria to help, although in the eyes of malicious neighbors, because of her obvious advantages, she doesn't just seem to take Mother's place in the household.

But how do you protect younger siblings? Above all, twelve-year-old Persephone, who is a sly old dog and yet so vulnerable, and whose mysterious calligraphy exercises with the door locked are by no means intended for schoolwork. And what suddenly got into the headstrong Nicky, who despite his disgust at school can hardly wait for Monday morning? Viola is at a loss. Father, gifted as a writer but disarmingly inactive as head of the household, seems to take nothing seriously any more - not even her precipitous engagement to the adored but somewhat obscure Mr Gilhoff.

And then one day mother is back. Clever and clairvoyant, as always, she sees through the situation in the Kemper household at a glance. Not only the father, who - straying in forgiveness - has to admit his defeat as head of the household, but also the children surrender with relief to the cunning charm and the strategy with which mother knows how to thwart the careless plans of her loved ones .